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You can reach the CoS Team for the PERSONA project (i.e. Luigi Briguglio and Andrea Iannone from CyberEthics Lab.) at the following email address:

In the final instalment of our project's newsletter, we summarise a selection of findings from our Test Studies, discuss the making of the book, and detail the publicly available findings of the project on the internet.

IAM PERSONA Literature Guide

The IAM PERSONA Literature Guide on Impact Assessment of Border Control Technologies contains a literature listing to provide relevant references for our work on Privacy, Ethics, Data Protection, Social Acceptance in view of no-gate border crossing solutions, and to inspire further reading on the subject matter.

Please do take a look at the first Chapter in the series: “Impacts of border control technologies”. To access it, follow this link.

Our partner project PROACTIVE is running an online survey that aims to identify and analyse the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to find commonalities and differences of CBRNe related measures of preparedness and response across European countries.

Our project has now been running for two years and we can look upon a body of work, results of which include:

  1. several successfully held workshops with varied scope, each tailored for a slightly different target group;

  2. the draft version of PERSONA's main objective - the Integrated Assessment Method (IAM) that will help border authorities and LEAs to decide whether the deployment of a new no-gate border crossing technology is feasible in view of legal and societal aspects;

  3. the development of a public consultation component within that method and its testing;

  4. end-user led piloting of the IAM PERSONA (v) ongoing knowledge transfer between PERSONA and other H2020 projects of similar and/or relevant scope;

  5. continued engagement and widening of PERSONA's Community of Stakeholders; - to list the most relevant achievements.

Our partner project PROACTIVE cordially invites you to attend its Mid-term Conference on 28th October 2020 10:00 – 13:00 CET as an online event. The discussion will centre on the project's outputs up till now, the way forward for the second half of the project, as well as how results can be used to help fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are still some spaces left so don’t wait to register online here:

In September 2019, we proudly celebrated our first anniversary! Looking back, the initial months of project runtime were spent laying the foundations and infrastructure that support our ongoing research work. Achieved milestones included the definition of our administrative framework, the listing of applicable technologies, the specification of test studies, an early draft version of the questionnaire for test study participants, and a road-map denoting the path towards the PERSONA text book which will contain the elaborated assessment method and other project results.

Learn more and register to the webinar between PERSONA and 6 other projects about ethical, social, and legal challenges arising from the use of new technologies such as biometrics and artificial intelligence (AI) in law enforcement applications.