The PERSONA Community of Stakeholders

Welcome to the PERSONA Community of Stakeholders

This website is a tool for gathering feedback through surveys about the method of integrated impact assessment developed in the PERSONA project. The goal of this community is to gather independent experts from relevant disciplines to advise on the development of method through surveys. By helping to co-create it, the CoS members will have the opportunity to exchange information on the PERSONA project, its sister projects, and on developments in the field of border crossing solutions.

About the PERSONA project

Global travel is rapidly increasing each year, resulting in a growing number of intra-EU arrivals. The need for processing an increasing amount of border crossings with often decreasing means of resources is putting pressure on border control systems, and calls for more flexible, automated and scalable “no-gate” border security solutions. This relatively new territory of “no-gate” border crossing solutions has yet to be fully explored and understood in terms of both, benefits and risks, especially in view of their respective location, scale and applied method. Preconditions for deployment of such solutions include societal and political acceptance, as well as an established model for assessing success of the system (considering scalable factors for benefits, risks, ethics, public acceptance, etc.), which can inform decision-makers’ choices about related future technology deployments, and which can assist industry in designing appropriate product.

To learn more about the integrated impact assessment method developed with the project, IAM PERSONA, check out our infographics or read our Case Study.